Add an extra dimension to solving your scheduling problems using the multiScheduler. In our industry, meeting organisational demands and crewing appropriately are critical to achieving production goals. Making the fullest use of your resources is common sense. (Selling on negatives) Scheduling incompatibilities cost companies thousands, millions each year. multiScheduler can dramatically reduce the incurring of unnecessary overspends.

Production Managers can sometimes struggle to accurately plan ahead, to cover all eventualities, and in the face of rewrites to service the script and provide producers with all that is necessary to deliver the best programmes.

Whilst doing so they must remain vigilant, not only to organisational objectives such as budgeting controls, but to crew recruitment and health and safety considerations.

MultiScheduler offers an all-in-one scheduling solution for Production Managers to optimise the use of their resources, making sure that everything and everyone is in the right place at the right time.

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After 3 years in development multiScheduler has taken its first steps...
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