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The Multi-Scheduling system was originated and operated by Nigel Wilson during his 12 years as Production Scheduler at The Bill (Thames TV/Talkback).

As The Bill increased in popularity, so the ITV Network commissioned extra episodes. This meant the production output had to be expanded from recording one to three episodes per week necessitating multi-unit shooting. Throughout the nineties, the programmes most successful period, regularly three units, sometimes four, and occasionally five, were constituted, and they recorded on a daily basis.

What was essential to facilitate what had to be simultaneous shooting, was a scheduling system that could meet the extra organisational demands. In such a situation production costs could have spiralled, the multi-scheduling system enabled the most efficient use to be made of production resources, particularly cast, set, locations, crew, as well as the many layers of support services. As a result The Bill remained hugely profitable despite having had to invest considerably the increase its production base.

The multiScheduler programme was developed over a three year period by Stealth Communications in conjunction with Nigel Wilson and his services have been secured along with his legendary scheduling skills to assist in the development of the programme software.

The Team (Department Heads):

Chief Architect - Kevin A Major-Morrell
Software Development - Juan Lopez & Richard Lopez
Web Design and Development - Billy Stagg
Consultants & Advisors - Nigel Wilson, Chris North, Tony Chaperlin and Peter Slack

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After 3 years in development multiScheduler has taken its first steps...
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