Q1. Is the MultiScheduler programme multi-user?

A1. Yes, we currently have various versions ranging from single user to unlimited users

Q2. Is there a network version of MultiScheduler?

A2. Yes, there are versions can be are fully networked

Q3. How many users can access the MultiScheduler at any one time?

A3. Unlimited, depending on what version and how many licenses are purchased

Q4. Can the MultiScheduler programme be modified to suit the user/clients’ special or individual requirements?

A4. Yes, we offer a fast, reliable bespoke service

Q5. Will using the MultiScheduler reduce Production costs?

A5. Yes. By integrating all aspects of the production process into one data structure, and providing access to all eligible production staff, the production process will be both streamlined and faster

Q6. Will using the MultiScheduler benefit time spent on camera?

A6. Yes, by making the best use of cast, crew and availability of sets and locations.

Q7. Will using the MultiScheduler maximise the use of production resource e.g. cast, crew, home sets, vehicles, walk-ons, actors, camera, sound, and lighting personnel?

A7. Yes, MultiScheduler is designed to optimise all resources

Q8. How many scripts can be scheduled at any one time?

A8. An unlimited number of scripts can be accommodated

Q9. Can using the MultiScheduler aid in scheduling programme support services? e.g. vehicles, properties, facilities, artistes holidays, set cleaners.

A9. Yes, the availability of the support services are incorporated within the whole scheduling process.

Q10. What operating system is the MultiScheduler program compatible with?

A10. It is compatible with Windows 2000 Pro, and Windows XP


Q1. How will the MultiScript aid in the commissioning process?

A1. By speeding up the flow of essential information to and from producer, via script editor, to writer, and by monitoring the script writer's parameters.

Q2. How can the MultiScript aid in the re-drafting of scripts and enable the speedy flow of information updates to ad from writers?

A2. The re-drafting of scripts is accelerated due to the MultiScheduler's secure online interaction capabilities with MultiScript

Q3. Can artistes also benefit from the more efficient transfer of re-writes?

A3. Yes, by providing artists with the earliest access to script rewrites

Q4. How many writers can the MultiScript element be distributed to?

A4. Unlimited dependentdepending on what the version and how many licenses are purchased

Q5. How will necessary information be transferred between editors and writers?

A5. Via multiScheduler’s own encrypted filing system which can then be transferred via email, cd or any other recordable format

Q6. Is the process of information transfer secure?

A6. Yes, MultiScheduler has 128 bit encryption which the script department set at the time of the requisition of the script

Q7. Can the Script Department, govern script delivery more efficiently?

A7. Yes, the script department can ensure the correct use of actors, or characters, sets, location, vehicles and walk-ons, since all maybe required in more than one script to be recorded at any one time

Q8. How many users have access to the output from the Script Department?

A8. Unlimited, but limited to authorised personnel

Q9. How many ways are there of inputting scripts?

A9. There are three ways to input a script 1. Manually via the Entry screen module. 2. Semi automatically via the Wizard screen module. 3. Fully automatically via the Import screen module

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